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Winner of the Mississippi Magazine
"Best Kitchen" in Sensational Spaces 2002

Winner of the Mississippi Magazine
"Judges' Choice" in Sensational Spaces 2003

Winner of the Mississippi Magazine
"Best Kitchen, Runner Up" in Sensational Spaces 2004

Winner of the Mississippi Magazine
"Best Kitchen" in Sensational Spaces 2005

From nationally published magazines to designing and implementing the showroom for Riverwood Home Appliances in Pearl, Mississippi, it is obvious that Kitchens Unique's talents are recognized across the U.S. as well as in their own state of Mississippi.
Mellany C. Kitchens
President / Co-owner

Design Philosophy: "Everyone has different and unique ideas about how they want their kitchen to look, feel and function. I respect those ideas and with professional experience and expertise will create a beautiful and functional space for my client."

It's no wonder that Mellany's design work is highly regarded and has been published. Her design philosophy reflects why so many have sought her kitchen and bathroom remodeling skills for almost 20 years.
Larry W. Kitchens
Vice-President / Co-owner

Larry has been on the board of directors for several industry-related companies in Mississippi. His knowledge is repeatedly called upon because quite frankly, he understands the kitchen remodeling process from the ground, up. His knowledge of the different wood species is astounding

Playing tennis and gardening are just some of the ways in which Larry enjoys spending his free time hours.

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